Why Us

If you are looking for a construction, remodeling or roofing Joliet IL company then GDK construction is the right choice for you! We understand you have many companies to choose from, however here are a few things that really make us different and set us apart from our competitors. In fact, this is why our customers enjoy working with us, for the following reasons:


Roofing Joliet Why Us 1Roofing & Remodeling with Longevity in Mind

With every roofing Joliet IL project that we take on we do something very important in which we keep in mind the longevity of the project. Typical contractors like to build something that looks nice but that won’t last long, or do it at a cheaper price with low quality materials. This is very important why we would never recommend always comparing price to price because you’re almost never getting the same thing. And of course while we offer you this high-quality materials in a great process we bear in mind that we want to make sure we offer you affordable prices.

Because of the way that we do it here, you don’t have to worry about your project crumbling apart in a couple years, or better yet do you have the peace of mind that your dollars are going toward a good investment. This is the way that we do it on every single project here with GDK construction. Without this factor it’s only a matter of time customers would be getting upset and leaving many poor reviews!


Water Fire Mold Certified

We’re not just a roofing Joliet IL and construction company, we’re also water, fire, and mold experts. Well what is this in for you? You might be wondering if you’re not dealing with any kind of water fire or mold issues then why does it matter? That’s a very valid question, the reason this is so important is that with every addition that we make or remodel, or roof replacement we bear in mind that we want to make sure that these projects will keep out the moisture that you don’t want and the mold that’s going to ruin your project. We really build it for the long-haul right from step one!

There are many steps that require this expertise so you can have each project set up right and help maximize mold prevention. Call us to request an estimate on your next project soon, we’re glad to help.

Roofing Joliet Why Us 2Trusted Roofing Joliet IL Contractors

We make trustworthy recommendations to our customers. A typical roofing Joliet IL company has one goal in mind, replace the entire roof! We would only make this recommendation if it’s the best option for you. We’re very upfront about our price, we’re not here to make any surprises and we understand how important it is to really communicate with the customer step-by-step. This is why our customers really appreciate the fact that we are able to have a trustworthy relationship with them. When a company only has its own interest in mind it may pull in a couple extra dollars but it’s going to lose a customer in the relationship with that customer forever. That’s why this is the way that we choose to do business as GDK construction.

We truly value the relationships we build in the long run with each one of our customers and have no other interest other than theirs during the roofing Joliet IL process. You’ll never have to worry about us selling something to you that you don’t need or that you don’t want, we don’t make up reasons why you may need something we just tell you how it is and we let you make the best decision for yourself. Of course we make recommendations for you to help you understand the pros and cons of each decision.



It’s always nice to know that when you’re working with a roofing Joliet IL company that you are also supporting a local company! However there is a very important benefit to this that most people don’t really consider, if something ever goes wrong on the project after it’s already been completed, we aren’t in another state. We are right where you left us. In contrast, there are other roofing companies that tend to just chase storms from state to state looking to fill a quick need racking in some money, do poor quality work, and then they are gone off to the next state without you ever being able to catch them down again. So you better hope if you hire one of these people that they did a perfect job because you’re probably never going to see them again. So keep in mind with GDK construction that’s a concern you just don’t have to worry about because we are not going anywhere and we’re here to stay and help our customers with anything they need.

Highly Rated

We have dozens of five star Google reviews that you can read for yourself. This is very important because you don’t wanna ever play the odds and hope that you’re hiring someone who may or may not do great work. So this is why we encourage you before hiring or working with any company to go ahead and read their Google reviews and see what they say. With us you may notice a theme of strong communication and really just going above the expectations. We look forward to telling you more about this soon and if you have any questions on this feel free to give us a call so that we can help you with your next project soon.

There’s a wide range of services that we offer, from roofing Joliet IL, residential construction, home remodeling, if in doubt just give us a call and will tell you if this is something we can help you with. It’s our goal to make sure that our customers can hire someone that they can trust.